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Level 2 Updates and the interviews that never happened

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

I couldn’t get much more done for the level 2 and I’m doing the write down here about the two interviews that didn’t happen

Imogen Hall (formerly Jason Hall) who I went to school with was to discuss her experiances with transphobia from both staff and pupils and how the popularity culture of the school worsened her problems

Ben Smith, another Laleham Gap pupil (one of the least differently abled pupils there) discuss’s his experiances

Both students were on the Boarding Wing (which I was not) and were also to discuss that heavily; mainly the problems with bullying, poor living space and the way it sexualised otherwise non-sexuel or romantic relationships

I was also hoping to interview a teacher or support staff memeber of a special school or a female student because special schools nearly all have predominantly male student bases but I couldn’t get in contact with anyone fitting in time.

I wish I could’ve done more but I sadly couldn’t