An apology

Friday, June 30th, 2017

This documentary is not finished and probably won’t be, I lack the time resources or mental strength. This isn’t a justification as to why I’ll probably fail this module but it is an explanation

For our final project we chose our own thing and that lead me to decide to do a documentary on my experiences in the Special Education system and my thoughts on it.

I wasn’t prepared for so much to go wrong; only one person from my school was willing to do a full interview, I couldn’t find people from many other schools and basically everyone from Laleham (my school) I’m still on speaking terms with would give the same view on it.

Not only was I low on time and resources but it was messing with my head; I kept having to revisit bad experiences and be reminded of the worst period of my life over and over.

So I stopped coming in, because flat out there was nothing I could do and it was depressing me, I should’ve told my tutor and asked for help but I was ashamed. So I just stopped show up and the days piled up.

So this is my apology; for not being upfront about my problems and letting them overpower me

Thankfully I managed to find three other people to interview, a family friend, a classmate and myself


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