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Interview with Ben Smart

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017

On Monday I did an interview with another former pupil of Laleham Gap Secondary, David-Benjamin Smart.

I like how this interview turned out even though I stuttered at a couple points, I think I got some honest answers and a pretty decent look at Laleham’s flaws, Ben told me some stuff after the interview that isn’t really suitable for mention in a college project.

I’m doing 2-4 more interviews depending on who hits me back before the deadline but this interview’s discussion of the sexual assault allegation will probably be the centerpiece. Because Laleham Gap kept him out of school for about four months straight which is illegal based off unproven sexual assualt allegations, the perfect example of Laleham’s corruption.


Weekly Reflection for week 3 of the last

Friday, May 5th, 2017

In all honestly I’m slightly behind but that’s not totally my fault since some of the people I’m meant to be interviewing haven’t hit me back yet. Despite that I’ve been doing my experiment plan while trying to sort the interviews out, I’ve managed to get two interviews locked down. I’ve also filled out more of the schedule to best of my ability right now.

When we get into the actual production I think I’ll do alot better because this a subject I feel passionate about and with the interview content and my personal stories I think I could make an extremely good project that can make up for some of my lackluster pre-production and blog posts.

If I could redo this week I would work more on the experiment and contextual research and get a more concise schedule and pre-production document done. Next week I start actual production and this will help me go back and finish the pre-production documents.

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