Stop Motion Experiment

Friday, February 24th, 2017

While I was slightly late to arrive that day, when I came in I joined a work group who were making a stop motion story using clay facsimiles of a bear and a human.

While I wasn’t there to come up with the story I did try and lend a hand as much as possible in concluding it, my idea that the human fall of a ledge and die midway through made it in (though sadly my insistence the bear have a jetpack did not).

After it was filmed I transferred the photos to my computer and inserted them into adobe premier. We then put each image into a file twice, once with a lasting time of 4 seconds then with a lasting time of two seconds to see the difference.

In reflection I wish I’d arrived to the session on time and I could’ve been a bit more serious and coperative over the story instead of nearly starting an argument over jokey suggestions.


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