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My Evaluation – Jack Day

Thursday, December 15th, 2016

So I’ve finally finished and uploaded my music video and posted it online, so here is my evaluation of it.

For the assignment I created a music video for a song I’d previously made, which I did by combining original footage of my friend doing graffiti with footage from iconic Hip-Hop videos, I also recorded myself performing the lyrics but that was left out of the finished video. I recorded the live portions with my friend and then proceeded to add the stock footage in adobe premiere.

The editing process was more complicated because I had to get tight loops from small portions of each video and the footage of me miming wasn’t good enough to use, after a few rough drafts I sent to my teacher I ended up replacing some footage and playing with the opacity some more. The first time I did it I ended up misplacing my USB so parts of it I ended up having to re-do completely when making the final, released version of the video.

What I think worked with the piece was the combination of opiated stock footage over live footage and the art present in the live footage. What I think wasn’t as great was that some of the clips could’ve had a smoother cutting process and I could’ve done the video much quicker. I also departed from the shooting script considerably since I ended up not using the footage of me performing and never actually filmed some of the imagery I planned to because of time constraints and the concept not fitting with the filmed footage.

If I had to do it again I would have sorted out the shooting script and got filming done quicker, I would’ve worked out a clearer plan and gotten better edits of certain clips. On other facets of my work I could’ve made some of the blog posts more detailed and thorough as well as make my shooting script more achievable.

From this assignment I’ve learned about working within a time limit and adapting to opposing circumstances. I’ve had to critically access both finished and unfinished work then make the required changes, overall I’ve learned a lot from today.


Blog Update 9/12/16

Friday, December 9th, 2016

This week I reviewed my video and I’ve been reworking my it because of edits that needed to be made. Firstly the Planet Rock video clips of break dancing had a watermark at the bottom that was deemed to distracting so I replaced it from footage from the dance battle in beat street.Secondly I had to move around certain clips to make it perfectly match and music and thirdly I had sections from the graph video come back at the end of the video after the music ends to highlight the finished art on the wall, at long last I added the credits and exported it.

Here is the finished video:

The main thing I’ve learned from this is how to get better loops and  to opiate videos clearly. I’ve also learned about working quickly and transferring my ideas to a finished product.