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Work Completed By 30/09/16

Friday, September 30th, 2016

Hear is some recent work I’ve finished recently





Logos and Business cards

Friday, September 16th, 2016

Yesterday I was told to create three logos and a business card that involves at least one of them, I did so.

This first one I made by taking public domain images and of space and overlaying a layer of musical notes I found, which I multiplied and rendered opaque to make them appear like stars.


This image was created first by clipping parts of three different images, the poster of the film Manhattan, a cut-out of Spider-man and the backdrop to the skyscraper in an 8-bit video game. I then proceeded to apply massive filters until it looked the way it does now


This was made with a similar technique (though I honestly can’t remember these original images sources) to the second


This business card I then cobbled together by putting all three logos on the same card and then adding the required contact details.


May Reintroduces Grammar Schools

Wednesday, September 14th, 2016

Image result for dilapidated grammar school

For the last twenty years; opening new grammar schools has been illegal for various reasons but our new undemocratically elected prime minister plans to change this. While David Cameron has, whatever you may say about him, refused to change this (labour created) policy despite pressure from certain sources.

The issue of grammar schools has been divisive amongst both the left and right wings of British politics. Some argue that the more academically intelligent kids deserve what is a perceived as a better education and it’s unfair put them with less academically inclined students while others argue that they were socially divisive (predominantly middle to upper class) and that they’re largely ineffective. Even many supporters of the concept of selective education argue against the 11+ test on the grounds that IQ and test sources don’t strictly reflect each other and that cognitive development continues long past the age of eleven.

Seven out of ten voters stated they want to ban lifted when polled and eight out ten said they believe that grammar schools boost social mobility and the current tory government, up to and including Theresa May herself are very favour of abolishing the ban on grammar schools. May even claims she was only able to become Prime Minister due to her education at a private school.

If you ignore the undecided, then roughly 68% of UK adult voters are strongly in favour of lifting the ban on grammar schools. It is expected that the shift in policy is to be announced in the Conservatives Annual Party conference in October.