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The Standards and Practices of a Nomadic Heart

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016


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The Standards and Practices of a Nomadic Heart.

If you have no fucking clue who this guy is, We’re in the same boat. There’s nothing wrong with that, though, because without new shit, we start to feel old as hell! Known by the government as Armando Flores Jr., I guess he operates out of Los Angeles, California, and keeps his Blue Dream in a glass jar. This release is something that could definitely be used as an example of what the differences are between the musical definition of hip hop versus rap. If you are intending to lose yourself in heavy bass and repetitive lyrics, this isn’t the release for you and you might be better off looking elsewhere for reviews on that kind of music. This is introspective and honest, regardless of the listeners judgment. Sometimes not saying anything is worse than being judged for your…

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