Three things I’d put in room 101: Three reasons why the modern world is booty’

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

In the book 1984; Winston Smith is thrown into a room called room 101 which contains everything he truly hates, also there’s some TV show I’ve never seen based off famous people listing everythinh they hate.

The Three things I’d throw in room 101:

1: Government mandated anything: People like to talk about slavery and oppression like it’s a thing of the past, but if you really think about it: We have to pay taxes, we have to abstain from most forms of narcotics and we have to be in education prior to a certain age under penalty of imprisonment.

Now I’m not saying paying taxes, avoiding drugs and being educated are bad things, they clearly aren’t, but passing laws governing peoples ability to do/not do things that only effect themselves is ridiculous and in many cases honestly hurts more than it helps. Because what’s really worse: someone using cannabis or spending the rest of their life with a prison sentence on their work records for something that wasn’t anybody elses business in the first place.

This is a good video that touches on this subject:

2: Massive dismissal of entire genres of fiction: Even in the digital era of entertainment; a time that makes exploring entertainment outside of the mainstream mind-numbingly easy and frankly might as well be the plot of a Phillip K. Dick novel, I still see entire genres and mediums dismissed as bad. To use the most common example: Science Fiction and Fantasy are seen as fairly tales of no emotional or cerebal depth despite the huge amount of works in the genre that are extremely well written and display hugely complex themes that really couldn’t be captured in more ‘traditional’ literature

This is a good video discussing that point:

3: Scapegoating the media: In a point semi-related to the above; I see people attribute violence and criminal behaviour to things like rap-music, violent video games, horror movies etc effecting children, which is just objectively wrong. Practically every study claiming anything close to this has been debunked yet, just like the ‘link’ between vaccines and autism, keeps being parroted by insane ‘parenting groups’ like this concept isn’t debunked by basic logic. Children and adults have been violent long before ‘violent’ or ‘adult’ media even existed, which combined with the fact most children still understand the difference between fiction and reality, leads to a wholly illogical point.

This is a good article about


One comment on “Three things I’d put in room 101: Three reasons why the modern world is booty’

  1. meljeffrey says:

    Nice work Jack, I think you mean scapegoating IN the media, rather than scapegoating the media? Otherwise it is great. Mel


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